Book Reviews and Young Adult Fiction

We live in an informative world and people want their information FAST!

No matter what you’re buying or researching it’s more important than ever before to do your research.

This is exactly the same when purchasing books. I can’t remember the last time I bought a book without doing some research first. With the sheer amount of reviews available online there’s absolutely no excuse for making a bad book buying decision.

This is especially true for Young Adult fiction books. I know first hand that buying a book for a child isn’t a simple task. You’re worried about the language, sex and violence not to mention whether or not it’s even a good book worth reading.

I recently came across a book reviewer on YouTube who gave an incredibly helpful review of a new Young Adult fiction book. Lyndsay Cambridge’s Finding Audrey Book Review breaks down each element of the book including a summary of the Sex. violence and language which makes my buying decision time very short. Check out the video below.