First Person Narrative vs Third Person Narrative

When I started writing, I naturally veered towards first person narrative. This was before I did any research into the benefits/drawbacks of different POVs – silly I know! So, having become incredibly frustrated with the fact that my protagonist kept having to stumble across the stuff that was happening outside of her little world – usually by using the good ol’ glass to the door cliche – I decided to do a little digging.

Admittedly, the table below is not made by an expert, although I do think my colour choices are exceptional, :) but I still hope that it will help you.

Pros and cons of first person and third person narrative

For those of you who don’t know…

First-person POV: 

Writing from inside your guy’s head using the pronoun I. 

“I ate a mountain of yummy cheese on toast, and sat in my pjs all day.” – Totally not a true story :D

Third-person limited POV:

Third person limited allows you to see the story through one character’s eyes and also describe things going on outside. Uses pronouns he, she , it, they etc.

“Lyndsay ate a mountain of  yummy cheese on toast, and sat in her pjs all day.” – Lies, all lies I tell you! 

Third-person omniscient POV

Third-person omniscient allows you to write about events and experiences that occur away from your main character, including other character’s points of view.


“Lyndsay ate a mountain of yummy cheese on toast, and sat in her pjs all day. Just as she had finished her last bite, Sarah, Lyndsay’s roommate, threw open the fridge in the hopes there was some cheese left for her. There was not, and disappointment engulfed her, damn cheese-eating fiend! Sarah thought.

Hopefully you get the picture! As I said, I’m no expert, so if you spot something I’ve missed just drop me a comment in the box below!